Project registration

Project registration is purely a voluntary process.   We’re looking for projects that have measurable outcome that we can add to our kilolitre counter.

Our objective is to promote projects that are cool (we believe they can be used as inspiration or a blueprint for others to do the same thing elsewhere) and save water.

Our kilolitre counter is there to show that saving water is a collaborative and ongoing effort – what we do today will have a massive impact into the future.

We are also about promoting the business case for saving water. This resource is naturally becoming more expensive and cannot be taken for granted anymore.  Large industrial and commercial users of water often require proven business cases and return on investment calculations to even start considering projects as viable or worthy of time and resource allocation.   We hope to help them to make informed decisions.

Once a project is registered and added to the collective measurement, participants will receive an annual certificate verifying their participation and contribution towards that effort.