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Addressing the current water crisis and challenges that we have in South Africa and Southern Africa is a huge task, often undertaken by individuals and NGO’s for no other reason than trying to do their bit to save this precious resource.

We are losing 37% of our water annually through leaks which amounts to R7 billion per year in South Africa. In South Africa, water demand is expected to increase significantly over the next 30 years.

12-14 million South Africans do not have access to safe drinking water. The average rainfall in South Africa is 500mm, well below the world average of 860mm. Ensuring the availability of water to those who need it is arguably one of the world’s most pressing issues. it is likely that this will become even more, so as populations are predicted to grow, the way we use land changes and the impact of climate change becomes more apparent.

Water is a valuable resource, that could have a potential shortfall of 40%  available across the world by 2030. Water scarcity affects every continent and almost one fifth of the world’s population live in areas of physical scarcity. A global problem which needs local solutions. Challenges are usually best solved in partnership with NGOs, local governments, communities and other local businesses. Water is neither consistently well managed nor appropriately valued globally. Persistently poor usage habits, physical and commercial water losses and ecological degradation, such as the loss of wetlands, have been among the chief causes for the impending crisis. Water is reusable and not renewable. We can survive about a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water.

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